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You got your friend or uncle to officiate your wedding. They know you. They don’t know weddings. Now what?! Are you prepared for the 100’s of decisions you will have to make about your wedding day details? Now what?!

You're Engaged!

Now What?

What you most need: The MasterCourse

You’re Ordained!

Now What?

What you most need: Ceremony Script

Wedding day details you’d never think of:

  • when & where to get married; finding wedding pros
  • tons of ceremony ideas; some never posted anywhere before
  • ways to make the reception even better

With 11 hand-drawn illustrations + 11 custom diagrams + 225 photos + 70 Pro Tips!

It’s a completely customized script – their wedding party (in order!), their unity element, their vows and readings, etc. – with NO effort on your part.

The couple – not you – fills out the information in the form. Everything you need to say is in the script.

When the couple buys The MasterCourse, they can share it with you – for free. So, you get to see how to do, say, Unity Beer.

Result? You conduct an organized, personalized and fun ceremony that everyone loves!

How Do You Plan Out a Ceremony?

You have no idea. No couple does.

The Knot’s “all-in-one wedding planner” has a checklist, help with vision and a budget tool. Very little about the ceremony. Same for WeddingWire. Now where do you look for help?

America’s Wedding Expert™, Rev. Phil Landers, has wedding day details you’d never even think of – many are exclusive pro tips. All are in The MasterCourse.

There are so many details you don’t even know that you should know. Want Want proof? Click on the plus signs (+) below.

  • Where should you get married – in a church (or other house of worship) or at the reception site? What’s another option?
  • When – which season or month? Which day of the week? Indoors or outside?
  • What’s with the rehearsal – who comes, how long, when should it be? What’s with the rehearsal dinner?
  • How do you find the right wedding professionals? What’s the right order to hire them? What do they cost? What should I ask of them?
  • Do a First Look or not have the groom see the bride until she walks down the aisle? What do you give up doing it each way?
  • Who is in the processional anyway? What’s the order? How am I supposed to know? Where does everyone sit during the ceremony?
  • Unity candles and the outdoors don’t mix – what are the alternatives? Which is best? What do I need for it?
  • How can your guests feel your love? How can guest be included in the ceremony – not just bored observors?
  • The line for drinks right after the ceremony is always so long. How do you get drinks in your guests hands quicker?
  • Why you shouldn’t use numbers to label the tables where guests sit for dinner. Better ways to express your personalities
  • Who does the toasts? What should they say (and how to avoid toasts that will embarrass you)? How can they be heard by everyone?
  • You know how your feet hurt at weddings after a lot of dancing. How can you help your guests avoid that?

Rev. Phil Landers is America’s Wedding Expert

by Awards & Reviews

by Netflix asking him to officiate 40% of the weddings on Love is Blind (season #2)

1st Chicago officiant

inducted into

The Knot Hall of Fame

Rev. Phil officiated Danielle & Nick’s wedding

490+ reviews 

at WeddingWire

Rev. Phil officiated Mallory & Sal’s wedding

Go behind-the-scenesincluding the most romantic OFF-CAMERA moment!

Rev. Phil has officiated over 1200 weddings

Rev. Phil also officiated on TLC’s Four Weddings TV show

What Will You Learn In The MasterCourse?


When & Where to Get Married + Rehearsal

When Should We Get Married?

Non-boring ceremony sites + one where you can be barefoot

The one thing you need to have to be sure the bride’s hair and make-up doesn’t get messed up – and it’s free!

What is ideal weather for an outside ceremony?

Which Sundays are like Saturdays – which may get you a nice discount

How to get guests to come to your ceremony — if there is a big time gap

The big thing that you give up, brides, by doing a First Look

Why it should be longer + how to make that time more fun

What makes a New Year’s Eve reception better than all the rest

When Should We Schedule The Rehearsal (And Rehearsal Dinner)?

One less thing to worry about on your wedding day

How to avoid having the hosts (usually the groom’s parents) be frustrated with it starting late

Best Fit-For-You Wedding Pros: What To Look For, What To Ask For

What you miss if you pick what-you-know-best first. pulvinar dapibus leo.

Real numbers from a real source.

The biggest myth about officiants – and why that will mess up your budget.

Why two DJ’s are so much better than one?

The one thing to get which will make for much better photos/video.

“Rev. Phil had such extensive knowledge about weddings that I would only expect from a high paid wedding coordinator. He knew about my wedding party placement, how to set up and stage so that we got the best shots from the photographer and so much more. This was better than I ever imagined.”

— Jeanna & Bernardo, Tamarack Golf Club, Naperville, IL


The Ceremony
(for officiants, too)

Who Is In the Processional? With Tips

An America’s Wedding Expert™ exclusive! pulvinar dapibus leo.

You likely don’t need witnesses.

How to deal with stepparents – and why it’s so important.

Why they are usually not in the processional

What about an uneven number?

They have 3 tasks – and it’s no longer walking ladies in.

2 alternatives for ring bearers – besides carrying rings.

Other than being a ring bearer / junior groomsman or flower girl / junior bridesmaid.

What EQUIPMENT Do You Need For The Ceremony?

What is the difference? Why does it matter? pulvinar dapibus leo.

A money-saving tip that still preserves the beauty

The problem you will have if you’re not specific enough in your request.

What kind and which is better?

The common mistake by venues that hurts parents’ necks.

The fair way to have ushers ask guests to scoot over, to not leave an empty seat

Why some guests will get the short end of the stick – and be frustrated for the entire ceremony.

Who needs a reserved seat? It may surprise you.

And which ones end up being a waste of (a lot of) money

How to make them useful for outdoor ceremonies

What Are The Components Of A CEREMONY?

The one thing the officiant should say so you get better photos and video.

3 other options that are not so patriarchal

A special version for couples who have been together for a long time

The biggest mistake, by far, that rookie officiants make.

What song to play to make your Catholic mother melt.

Why someone other than your officiant should read them – and when.

Why this is so rare – less than 2% of weddings Rev. Phil has done.

A way to express your deep love withOUT having to say it yourself! An America’s Wedding Expert™ exclusive.

How to say only 2 words if you’re feeling shy.

What to do if the ring gets stuck.

Another way to include your guests in the ceremony.

Suggestions for romantic and religious readings

The three things you need to do to make Unity Beer work

When is the moment that you’re actually, legally married?

What to do if you’re not taking his name

The counterintuitive but most important thing the couple should do when they walk past their guests


The Reception

Cocktails And Hors D’oeuvres

Why you should alert guests if you’re having a dessert bar.

3 suggestions – which one is most effective?

It’s not about your favorite type of music at this time.

The Sit-Down (Dinner) Part Of The Reception

Ways to express your personalities, your history.

The one topic the best man should never bring up.

It’s a problem if you don’t.

A delightful way that does not involve guests banging a spoon on a glass.

Alternatives to the usual (boring) cake.

Dancing and Late Night

How to provide relief for every guest.

Why you should + ideas

“Rev. Phil is super organized, friendly, and really focuses on the details of the ceremony that you would never even think of  . It takes a lot of the stress out of planning a wedding Our ceremony was phenomenal. It was so much better than we expected.”

-Holly & Jeff, Royalty West Banquets, Willow Springs, IL

How Much?

Most of the 27 courses are $20.
Some are lower, a few are higher.

Pick and choose what matters most to you.

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