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#1: Why Do I Need This? INTRODUCTION to the MasterCourse

  • No engaged couple knows how to plan out a ceremony.
  • No newly ordained friend or family member of the couple knows how to plan out a ceremony either.
  • Rev. Phil Landers, America’s Wedding Expert™, does. See his vast experience, awards, reviews and credentials.

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#2: How Can I Get ORDAINED Online? Tips To Do it Right and Easily

  • Find out the #1 major online ‘church’ for getting ordained.
  • Discover the catch to the ‘free’ ordination.
  • Learn what the laws are in the state you will officiate.

Way Before:

#3: Where Should We Get Married? Tips for Selecting the CEREMONY and RECEPTION Site

  • Unusual places to get married.
  • How to get a church-ish feel for your ceremony — without all the rules, that is open to all.
  • New ideas for selecting your reception site (which may well be your ceremony site).
  • 14 photos, 3 Pro Tips (2 are exclusive)

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#4: When Should We Get Married? Tips For Selecting the best SEASON, DAY and TIME for You

  • The one thing you want for an outdoor wedding.
  • The Sundays that are like a Saturday (sometimes still at a discount!).
  • What sports fans need to consider.
  • 13 photos, 9 Pro Tips (5 are exclusive)

Way Before:

#5: When Should We Schedule the REHEARSAL (and Rehearsal Dinner)?

  • Why you should tell everyone the rehearsal starts 30 minutes sooner than it does.
  • How long after the rehearsal is supposed to end to have the rehearsal DINNER.
  • 2 Exclusive Pro Tips

Way Before:

#6: How Do We Book the Best Fit-For-Us WEDDING PROFESSIONALS? How Much Should We Spend?

  • Why the order you hire wedding professionals matters so much.
  • What do wedding pros cost?
  • What to ask each wedding pro to do for you.
  • 14 photos, 5 Pro Tips (2 are exclusive)


#7: How Do We Plan Our CEREMONY? Is There a Wrong Way?

  • There is no right or wrong way – just traditions
  • What are the components that make up a wedding ceremony?


#8: Who is in the PROCESSIONAL? Where Do They Go?

  • Wedding party – what about an uneven number? A male standing with the bridesmaids? Two best men?
  • Ring bearers – 2 other ideas besides holding fake rings.
  • Ushers – do you need them? What do they do?
  • 2 diagrams, 27 photos, 8 Pro Tips (4 are exclusive)


#9: How Can We Include Our CHILDREN in the Ceremony? Five Ways Besides Making Them a Junior Bridesmaid/Groomsman, Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

  • A unity element you can do with your kid(s).
  • Promise of support – why the stepparent should say it but the kid(s) should not.
  • 8 photos


#10: How Do We Make an ENTRANCE Into Our Ceremony? The Ceremony Processional Order. If you only buy 1 course, make it this one

  • The #1 Pro Tip that took Rev. Phil years to learn – never seen it published.
  • Where to seat divorced parents if they get along – and, more importantly, if they don’t.
  • A cool thing for groomsmen to do as they walk down the aisle.
  • How to include the bride’s mom in the processional – yet maintain the bride’s dad’s anticipated role.
  • 6 diagrams, 26 photos, 12 Pro Tips (6 are exclusive)


#11: What EQUIPMENT Do We Need For the Ceremony? What Can We Skip?

  • Flowers – which ones you need and which you don’t (saving a lot of money).
  • How many feet between the table holding unity elements and the front row. How it negatively impacts parents if you don’t do it right.
  • Why a microphone on a stand is better than a lapel mic.
  • 5 diagrams, 25 photos, 11 Pro Tips (8 are exclusive)


#12: How Do We BEGIN Our Ceremony? The Opening Section

  • Why the officiant should tell guests that it’s an Unplugged Ceremony.
  • 3 less patriarchal questions than “Who gives this woman to marry this man?”
  • The #1 mistake officiants-ordained-online make at a ceremony.
  • 3 diagrams, 15 photos, 1 Exclusive Pro Tip


#13: How Can We INCLUDE our GUESTS in the Ceremony? Three Ways

  • So your guests are not bored observers – but active participants in the ceremony!
  • A way to publicly share why you want to marry this person – you will laugh and maybe tear up. So will your guests. And you two don’t have to say a word!
  • 3 photos, 5 Pro Tips (4 are exclusive)


#14: How Can We Include & Honor Our BRIDESMAIDS and GROOMSMEN In Our Ceremony?

  • The 1 Exclusive Pro Tip will delight your wedding party.
  • How to make the #2 maid/matron of honor not look like just another bridesmaid.


#15: How Can We Honor Our FAMILIES in Our Ceremony? Two Ways

  • A special way to give flowers to parents who are still married to each other.
  • Musical suggestions for these two ways.
  • How to best display photos of loved ones that have passed on.
  • 2 diagrams, 11 photos, 4 Pro Tips (3 are exclusive


#16: How Do We Select READINGS for Our Ceremony? Romantic & Religious

  • The best of romantic readings. Religious readings you’ve heard before – and many you have not.
  • How many? Who should read them?
  • All about microphones and how to make sure these are heard.
  • 10 photos


#17: Should We Include a MUSICAL INTERLUDE in Our Ceremony?

  • Why you need “professional good” not just “karaoke good”.
  • Why you may want to do this earlier in the ceremony


#18: How Can We Include a MESSAGE About LOVE, Marriage and Commitment in Our Ceremony?

  • How to avoid having it sound like a (reception) toast.
  • The ultimate (but incredibly rare) thing that will make your ceremony so memorable – and so funny!


#19: Do We Have a Choice In Our Wedding VOWS?

  • Why you don’t want to write your own vows (Besides, one of you is terrified by the idea).
  • If you’re shy, a way to say just two words.
  • 3 photos


#20: How Do We EXCHANGE RINGS During Our Ceremony?

  • What to tell the bride, the groom, and the best man to do (and not do).
  • How to make sure you don’t cause your soon-to-be-spouse to bleed.
  • 3 photos, 1 Exclusive Pro Tip


#21: Should We Include a UNITY Element in Our Ceremony? UNITY CANDLE

  • Where does everyone stand – to get the best photos, so guests can see?
  • How to (try) to do unity candles outside.
  • 2 diagrams, 10 photos, 3 Exclusive Pro Tips


#22: Should We Include a UNITY Element in Our Ceremony? UNITY SAND

  • Why you should have THREE colors and a funnel.
  • 5 illustrations, 2 diagrams, 1 Exclusive Pro Tip 


#23: Should We Include a UNITY Element in Our Ceremony? UNITY WINE That You Sip

  • Special instructions for the bottles before they are placed on the table.
  • Why you have to sip separately – and 1 couple’s creative solution.
  • 4 illustrations, 2 diagrams, 7 photos and 1 Exclusive Pro Tip


#24: Should We Include a UNITY Element in Our Ceremony? UNITY WINE BOX

  • Tips for the wine and the box it goes in.
  • What size table to display it on; where to stand for better photos/video.
  • 1 illustration, 2 diagrams, 8 photos, 2 Exclusive Pro Tips


#25: Should We Include a UNITY Element in Our Ceremony? UNITY BEER

  • Why one must be a light beer and the other must be dark.
  • A fun variation if the bride likes wine and the groom likes beer (but, oh, the taste).
  • 1 illustration, 2 diagrams, 6 photos


#26: How Do We COMPLETE Our Ceremony? The Closing Sections

  • The best thing the officiant can do for the photographer (and videographer).
  • The most counterintuitive tip of what the couple should do as soon as they get to the end of the aisle.
  • 7 photos, 1 Pro Tip


#27: How Do We Have a Wonderful RECEPTION?

  • How to significantly speed up your guests getting a drink right after the ceremony ends (to avoid one of Rev. Phil’s big pet peeves).
  • How to make the table numbers reflect your personality (and history).
  • How to have the toasts heard by your guests (and the subject the best man should never bring up).
  • 19 photos, 4 Exclusive Pro Tips

#28: The ENTIRE MasterCourse! 25% off!

  • Get the entire course and you’ll discover things that you didn’t even know you were supposed to know about!
  • Get 25% off vs buying 27 individual courses! One purchase = full knowledge  
  • Share with 7 people – you, your fiancé, your officiant, your parents, your maid / matron of honor and best man.
  • 11 hand-drawn illustrations + 11 custom diagrams + 225 photos + 70 Pro Tips!

Don’t Forget the CEREMONY SCRIPT

Starting at $399

  • It’s a completely customized ceremony script – your wedding party (in order!), your unity element, your vows and readings, etc. (That’s because you – the bride and groom -– fill out the information in the form.)
  • Everything your officiant needs to say is in the script. 
  • Every action step your officiant needs to do is in the script.
  • Result? They conduct an organized, personalized and fun ceremony that everyone loves! 
  • Result? Your friend or family member has no stress.
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