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Every Word and Every Action Step for the Ceremony.
The Result? No Stress for the Officiant.

Officiant, You Are Kind. You Are Brave. You are Stressed.

You are a friend or family member of the bride or groom. You agreed to officiate their wedding. You are kind. You are brave. You are stressed.

It’s now on YOU to figure out how to make the ceremony happen. The couple doesn’t know.  No couple does – including Rev. Phil Landers back when he was engaged at age 21. You’ve spent some time looking online. So many options. So little concrete guidance. 

You don’t want to mess it up. You don’t want to be a listing in’s 5 Couples Who Majorly Regret Having a Friend Officiate Their Wedding”

You want to have guests look like the photo to the right. You’re afraid they’ll be confused or, worse, bored.

What if You Could Get a Completely Customized Ceremony Script?

You know, a ceremony script that had:

  • the complete wedding party processional order – who comes in when
  • all the words that need to be said – vows, readings, message on love
  • all the action steps of a ceremony 
  • unity elements that work outside – unity candles do not
  • ways to include the couple’s families – to honor them
  • ways to include the guests – so they’re not passive observers

Then, what if you could read The MasterCourse — at no cost to you — to see how to do Unity Wine? And all the other elements of a wedding.

What If the Couple Did the Prep for the Ceremony Script?

What if the couple – not you — did the prep for the ceremony script? After all, they have to pick what they like.

So, the couple fills out the form.

  • They study all the options and ideas in The MasterCourse
  • They pick what they like – which vows, which readings, which unity element, etc.
  • They list all the names – parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl, etc.

The Result? A Completely Customized One-of-a-Kind Ceremony Script!

The filled-out form goes to Rev. Phil Landers, America’s Wedding Expert™, who then crafts a completely customized one-of-a-kind ceremony script with everything you need to officiate their wedding! Every word. Every action step.

You (and the couple) get a completely customized ceremony script. So, no stress for the officiant (whew).

And when the bride and groom buy The MasterCourse, they get to share it with you (and 5 others) at no additional cost to them (or you!) So, you can see how to do Unity Beer.

We could not have worked with a better expert  when it comes to weddings. Every detail was attended to and Rev. Phil made sure that it was orchestrated perfectly. Our string trio music was timed to the second, our wedding party knew the best way to walk to optimize photos, and our wedding planner knew to provide an extra wide runner so my parents could both walk me down the aisle. 

All details I never would have dreamed of without Rev. Phil’s expert guidance.” 

— Lauren & Greg, Wit Hotel, Chicago, IL

You won’t have to worry about any details because he has thought of them all.”

— Kristen & Jeremy, Seville Banquets, Streamwood, IL

Rev. Phil’s knowledge and experience is a big plus, after so many years of doing weddings he knows everything it takes to make your day perfect — even the small things.”

— Melanie & Israel, Willow Springs, IL

How Much?

What You Pay Wedding Pro’s

Completely Customized Ceremony Script

$300 – $500

  • Suggested tip for a priest or pastor of a church. 
  • They don’t customize the ceremony, they don’t travel.
  • To be fair, they work 50+ hours a week

$550 – $900

  • What the average officiant-who-travels goes for, per The Knot.
  • Who wants average for their officiant?


  • What the average wedding planner goes for, per The Knot.
  • But they do NOT help with the ceremony – that’s on the officiant.


  • If the ceremony is more than 60 days away.


  • If the ceremony is 30-59 days away (rush).


  • If the ceremony is 14-29 days away (super rush).


Ceremony in less than 14 days? Contact Rev. Phil to see if it’s even possible, to find out how much.

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The MasterCourse — if purchased all at once — is $399 (a 25% discount). Individual units are $1 – $50.

So, The MasterCourse + Ceremony Script = what the AVERAGE officiant costs.

But you get EXPERT knowledge – from America’s Wedding Expert™

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